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Åk 7-9 har haft ett samarbetsprojekt med sin integrationsklass på St Dominique i engelska. Några elevers tankar om samarbetet:

Josefine :We worked with the French students every Tuesday. In the groups there was one Swedish student and two French students. For this project we were supposed to do whatever we wanted to do, only it had to have something to do with the number 12. In my group we decided to do a presentation about everything which happened in 2012 each month. And it related to number 12 because there are 12 months in a year so we presented 12 things which happened, and of course 2012!

Melissa: We made a horrorfilm about the 12 zodiac signs. It was a good project because there were so many different subjects that you could choose from. We learned also a lot of English, as we had to talk a lot together. The project was also very fun to do.

Fredrik: Me and my dear friends Hugo and someone who’s name I can’t remember decide to write a short story mixing up events that has to do with the number 12. I thought the project was fun but we could’ve used more time to really make it perfect. It was a interesting theme ( the number 12) but maybe a little to open.


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